The story so far…

Shortly before my first adult non-fiction book went to print, it dawned on me that writing it had been the most satisfying thing I had done in my professional life. No surprise then, that I went on to write a second, and then a third!

Here are the books I’ve written so far:

My most recent book, A Tale of Trees, (published in October 2016) is about nature, with a healthy splash of history thrown in.

Did you know that Britain managed to lose more than a third of its ancient woodlands in just 40 years after WWII? How and why did it happen? This book tells that story.


ANIF cover thumbnailA Nazi in the Family

The title gives a whopping big clue about the subject of my second book, published in March 2015.





A Nazi in the Family was published in paperback in September 2018.Front cover of paperback edition of A Nazi in the Family by Derek Niemann









Birds in a Cage

Since my first non-fiction book for adults was published in November 2012, a number of people have been in touch. Some were relatives or friends of the POWs, some had other information about naturalist POWs.

Birds in a Cage is published by Short Books, and available in paperback from most bookshops.



RSPB books

Here’s a little set of wildlife books I wrote a while ago specifically for under sevens.

RSPB books

The First Book series, published by Bloomsbury, has sold more than 100,000 copies. It is available from the RSPB at

The personal touch

Derek signs a book at a book eventIf you are seeking a signed copy of one of my books (perhaps as a gift), please email BEFORE you send anything in the post, so we can discuss your requirements.

For comments on the books, or if you have further information, please use the email link on the contacts page.