Speaking and events

Speaking across the divide

Derek and Noemie Lopian with the Jewish Society at Manchester University, January 2019.









At the beginning of 2018, I spoke about my Nazi inheritance at a London synagogue and the event triggered a whole host of follow-ups.

I’ve been asked to speak by a whole range of bodies, including schools, and run workshops for the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Early in 2019, I teamed up with survivor’s daughter Noemie Lopian to tour universities, a Speaking Across the Divide series of talks and discussions with young people we intend to repeat in future years (you can see us with Ben and Rebecca, the organisers of the first event, in Manchester, January 2019 – Noemie is second from the right). It’s been a moving and rewarding experience.

Our presentation is based on Noemie’s father’s book about his experiences¬†The Long Night and my book, A Nazi in the family.


My talks

I have a lot of fun at my talks, and I hope everyone else does too! Have a look at the images below to see some of what’s happened at past talks.

Do you want me there in person?

I’m very happy to discuss possible writing or speaking engagements etc – please send me an email telling me a bit about it (head for our contact page), so we can have a chat about your requirements.

If you’d like to see a bit more information about me, you can read a brief life history here.