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  1. Sir,
    I live in Brittany in the town of Ploemeur near Lorient and I am a member of an association one of the main objectives of which is to pay tribute to those who contributed to the liberation of France during the Second World War.
    Thus, we knew part of the life of Barney Thompson, the only survivor of the crash of his bomber a few meters from the site of our association. We knew that one of the villagers had helped him escape the Germans and take a train to the south where unfortunately he was arrested by the Germans and interned in a prison camp. In 2015, a monument was erected at the crash site in tribute to this Welligton crew.The 4 deceased comrades rest in Guidel cemetery a few kilometers away.
    Recently, I wanted to know more about this young Englishman Barney Thompson and thanks to “google” I came across your wonderful book “Birds in a cage” (which deserves to be translated into French) and I thus found the trace of Barney after his arrest by the Germans. I also thanks to you found a portrait of Barney and it is today the only photo in our pocession.
    For our little museum, I would like to find more photos of Barney Thompson and possibly the rest of the Wellington crew. Do you have any other photos? I would also like to contact Barney’s family to show our gratitude and indicate to them the presence of the stele in tribute to Barney and his comrades.
    Best regards,
    Philippe Troussard
    Secretary of the Rossitten Histoire et Mémoire association.

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