My grandfather’s Nazi photos

Jacket of A Nazi in the Family by Derek NiemannSome of the focus of the book has shifted to the remarkable collection of photographs, taken principally, we think, by my grandfather Karl. The original prints were either lost or destroyed, but the negatives have given us an exceptional insight into everyday Nazis in 1930s Germany.Nazi soldiers parade in the streets of Dortmund in the early 1930s

Karl Niemann used a camera that, at least when it was held still, captured great detail. This photo shows just a small part of one of the images – it’s a Reichswehr (the army forerunner of the Wehrmacht) parade in Dortmund.

You can see the tension (or uncertainty) in the faces of the soldiers. It’s also noticable how quiet and watchful the people in the crowd are. This city of the Ruhr did not welcome Hitler, for it was a socialist and Communist stronghold.

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