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A male brimstone butterfly feeds on a thistle at Ouse Fen, Cambridgeshire If you enjoy my Guardian Country Diaries, you might like to hear a bit of the ‘back stories’ from time to time. So Sarah and I have decide to pop the occasional post here on our website to tell you a bit more. After all, you can only go so far with 350 words in the paper’s smallest column.

Thistledown breaks free at Ouse Fen, CambridgeshireThistledown against a blue sky at Ouse Fen, CambridgeshireLagoon at Ouse Fen, CambridgeshireHanson gravel extraction at Ouse Fen, Cambridgeshire(If you’re not familiar with the Guardian Country Diaries, do have a look – they’re a lovely daily read by some great writers.) If you read the diary on-line, you’ll know there’s always a picture with the story (not in the paper itself though). Take a look at the photo credits and you’ll see that the photos are sometimes Sarah’s. It’s an honour, she says!

There’s only ever one photo on the Guardian website, but sometimes there are other interesting ones linked to the same story – we thought that we’d share them with you.

As a start, here are some more of Sarah’s pictures from our day at Ouse Fen in Cambridgeshire, the subject of the Country Diary from Thursday 27th August 2015.

This is a 30-year project between the RSPB and Hanson, transforming a working sand and gravel quarry into a vast nature reserve with open water, grassland and, when complete, the biggest reedbed in the UK. That’s quite some ambition. It already has miles (literally!) of paths you can wander, and it’s a peaceful and relaxing place for a walk and a wildlife watch. We’ll certainly be going back to see what else is new throughout the seasons.

We hope you like the idea of this little ‘extra’ to my Country Diaries. Please do let me know what you think, and what you’d like to hear about. I’ll see what I can do.



Derek Niemann's summer sandalsPS. Wondered about those sandals, which have been appearing on our posts about the Guardian Country Diary?

We needed a little image to brighten up the Diary posts. Sarah thought it would be amusing to show you my footwear, you lucky people. After all, as she says, through the stories you come on a country walk with me. The footwear will change so it’s appropriate to the season!

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