Teaching creative writing


Not all authors are comfortable talking about their craft. Some are painfully shy, others simply don’t do public speaking or teaching.

Fortunately, Derek is neither shy nor afraid of talking in public. In fact, he loves teaching – imparting knowledge and sharing ideas. After all, education comes from educare – to bring out.

View of Madingley Hall, Cambridge

Derek is a tutor and course director (non-fiction) in creative writing for Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education (shown here). He specialises in nature, place and landscape, and what’s called life writing. Prior to the Covid pandemic most of this teaching took place in the fabulous Madingley Hall in Cambridge. All classes were moved online, which proved so successful that it’s staying that way. This means that Derek’s classes include an enjoyable and stimulating mix of people from all over the world.

PS. Are you wondering about the strange picture at the top of the page? Take a look at it upside down and you’ll discover that it’s a very ordinary frosty riverbank. But that’s the point – creative writing is about finding and sharing the extraordinary in what can be the very ordinary!