Derek’s Guardian Country Diary – Madingley

Derek Niemann's summer sandalsDerek has a strange meeting with one of the inhabitants of a long-lost village.

“The hall’s owners desired an estate with a view, and that did not include a village street, so the people were evicted.”

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untitled-2Madingley Hall is a place of great beauty, but some of its history is not so charming – and Derek’s Country Diary explores this. The Hall now is the much-loved home of Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education.

The former village street which Derek mentions is hard to see now, but if you know where to look you can┬ámake out┬áthe sunken channel he describes. It’s easier to see when you’re actually there!

In the picture below, the channel runs straight up and away from you (you’re ‘standing’ on it), between the clump of nettles on the left, and the metal drum. untitled-3









Now look in front of the church (pictured below), and you’ll see the same drum and the nettles. The street runs across the front of the picture. To the right, it runs up towards the lost village. To the left, it joins what is now the main road.