Some secret thank yous…

Easter egg piped with the word 'thanks'…¬†firstly to someone who helped us to get going with our first version of the Whispers website, and who has offered sympathy and information wherever he could to help us get this version going (although he’s never used WordPress, so we’re one up on him there).

Our son Mike works as a Software Engineer, and he speaks Tech, which we certainly don’t. So let it be stated here and now, that despite the fact that obviously we’re biased when we say he’s cool (of course we are, but he is anyway), it’s quite true that without his help and encouragement you wouldn’t be visiting a website of ours at all.

… and secondly to our friend Kevin, for his support and encouragement in the face of¬†the apparently impossible task of getting this bloomin’ website launched! Between us we got there in the end. Thanks, Kevin.

German flagWe also want to say ‘Danke!’ to Adelheid and Eki, who have made sure that our German content is all correct. They have patiently corrected and translated, encouraged and supported. Liebe Gruesse.