The Holocaust

It is powerful to hear the daughter of Holocaust survivors talk about her parents’ experiences. It is also gripping for an audience to hear the grandson of an SS officer speak about his grandfather’s role in the Holocaust.

But what if these two people come together and stand united in support of tolerance, understanding and kindness between people of different backgrounds?

German-born Noemie Lopian had the vision to see that such a combination could have a huge impact and ever since we joined up for the first of our ‘Speaking across the divide’ talks, she and I have spoken at schools, universities, synagogues and public events, and we have been overwhelmed at the response. And Sarah and I have made a very good friend in Noemie too.

Our presentation is based on Noemie’s father’s book about his ordeal in¬†The Long Night and my book A Nazi in the family¬†and equally important, our own experiences.

Perhaps our talk works best face to face, but the Covid pandemic has shifted our performance online so that we can Zoom to audiences all over the world. We are willing to speak anywhere! Simply get in touch if you’d like us to spread a message of hope to your group. See our flyer for more information.