Hi! We are Derek and Sarah Niemann.

Sarah and Derek Niemann

Here’s a bit about us (although you can read more on the tabs above).

Derek is a writer, editor and teacher of creative writing – he does words. Sarah multi-tasks, so she writes, edits,  and takes photos (and she restores some too).

In essence, we tell stories about heritage. What is heritage? We’re thinking about wildlife, the countryside and all the wonderful history that goes with it. Stories of our natural and historical heritage can be told powerfully in words and pictures (although these piglets spoke for themselves – pigs have real character).

But there’s something else. When Derek discovered that the German grandfather who died before he was born had been a Holocaust perpetrator it changed his life. You can find out more on ‘books’ tab above.

pig's curly tailA tail to tell?

People often assume that if it’s ‘science’ or ‘history’ it must be boring.

It’s not – even complex and apparently ‘dull’ tales can be made vivid and exciting with the right words. But they may need life breathed into them, and a touch of magic dust.

“Wow! Laughter. Smile. Cool!  Really??” Thoughtful silence…

We have long experience of interpreting our heritage, and persuading people to take it to their hearts.

We love it when people’s jaws drop, their eyes pop wide, they start to laugh, or their faces are filled with startled amazement – even delight, if we’re really lucky. Can it really be so fascinating, so much fun? Oh yes – it can. It really can.

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We are members of the Association of
Heritage Interpretation.

Sarah is a Licentiate Member of the Royal Photographic Society.

SOA_Member_rgbDerek is a member of the Society of Authors.